Effective Date: June 2020


Bingos are a very important component of club operations.  The Friday night bingo sponsored by Arctic Edge Skating Club provides essential funds to help pay for significant ice costs. Parents or guardians of Rising Star and Starskate skaters are required to  volunteer a minimum number of bingos as set out by the Board from year to year for each skater in the family spread evenly throughout the club’s bingo dates from September of the current year to September of the following year.  Most bingos are held from May to September, and again in November and December.

Bingo Requirements:

Parents or guardians of STARSkaters will be required to volunteer approximately 5 to 6 bingos throughout the year depending on enrollment and number of Friday bingos scheduled.  Parents or guardians of Rising Star skaters are required to work 4 bingos per year. If there are two skaters in the family, parents or guardians are required to volunteer 5 to 6 for one skater and an additional three (3) bingos for any additional skaters.  Bingos will be prorated if skaters register for STARSkate or Rising Stars in January.

Bingos are a subsidy for ice costs. If the bingo requirement is not fulfilled as scheduled,  an additional fee of $200 per missed bingo will be charged to the parent or guardian.

Bingo Volunteer Positions:

A complete list of duties for each position is available at the bingo hall and on the website. The volunteer positions are:

  • Set up and Door Sales: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Banker: 5:30 pm to close
  • Caller: 5:30 pm to close
  • Floor sales: 5:45 pm to close
  • Weekday set up: Before the next bingo. This position requires a volunteer to complete two weekday set ups for the equivalent of one bingo.

All positions except for the weekday set up have the equivalent value of one bingo. Bingo volunteers must be 14 years of age or older.  Parents or guardians may assign a representative to volunteer for their bingo sessions.

If bingo slots are not fulfilled throughout the year due to a shortage of volunteers, Starstake and Rising Star parents or guardians may work additional bingos which are over and above their pre-scheduled dates.

Additional bingos will be credited as follows for use of skating programs offered by Arctic Edge Skating Club:

  • Set up and door sales: $50 per bingo
  • Floor worker: $50 per bingo
  • Banker: $75 per bingo
  • Caller: $150 per bingo
  • Weekday set up: $25 per bingo

The incentive to volunteer for additional bingos will only be available if all families have completed or will be completing their bingo requirements during the year and if the club has available funds.

Additional information on the duties for each position is downloadable below:

Bingo Setup Duties

Banker Job Description

Bingo Floor Worker Duties

Bingo Schedule:

The bingo coordinator will be asking parents or guardians to provide their unavailability during the bingo period. to be best of their ability.   Parent or guardians will be required to volunteer their bingos spread evenly throughout year and at least one long weekend during the season.  It will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to find a replacement once the schedule is finalized and they cannot make their shift.

A list of phone numbers for all parents or guardians will be available at the bingo hall should there be last minute requirements for additional volunteers.

Bingo Training:

Training will be available for all positions.  Training for set up/door sales, banking and floor sales will be done during the bingo with another experienced person and will count towards the bingo requirements.  Training for callers will be done during bingos and one training session will count towards the fulfillment of one bingo requirement.   If additional training is required for callers, they must do this in addition to fulfilling their bingo requirements.  Callers can also attend bingos on other evenings to receive training by notifying Elks Lodge.

Bingo Default

Parents or guardians who default on their bingo requirements (i.e. repeatedly do not show up; repeatedly cancel with short notice, or fail to schedule their required bingos for the season) are not eligible to receive bursaries (i.e. funding through club initiatives) until their bingo commitments are fully completed.