CANSkate is Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program.  CANSkate is 45 minutes long and available to children of all ages.   It is ideal for ages 5 to 13 years old. If your child is 5 years old or younger, they can still join CANSkate or join CANSkate Tots.

CANSkate Tots is our learn-to skate program that caters to skaters who are 5 years old or younger and is based on the same principles of CANSkate. The classes are 30 minutes in length.  The focus of this class is to teach skating within a relaxed & fun atmosphere for younger skaters. Groups are kept small, so that as much individual attention as possible is given to young skaters.

Why sign up for CANSkate?


  • A complete series of balance, control and agility skills taught in six stages of learning that pertain to hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating as well as general recreational skating.
  • Designed for 90% movement so skaters learn in an active and fun group setting.


  • Nationally certified coaches trained specifically in teaching the mechanics and proper technique of skating.
  • Coaches are assisted by trained program assistants.
  • Ensures a 1:10 coach/program assistant to skater ratio or lower.


  • Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids, upbeat music and a wide variety of activities that create a motivational environment and promote learning. Badges, ribbons and other incentives are used to benchmark skaters’ progress and reward effort and participation.
  • Introduces a healthy, lifelong activity at an early age.
  • Promotes fun, fitness and participation.

All Skate Canada CanSkate skaters must provide and wear a CSA approved hockey helmet on the ice. Bicycle helmets are not permitted.

The details for the 2020-21 fall/winter program will be available in August.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days should my child skate?

For optimum development, we recommend twice per week. Skating is a sport where skills are learned by continuous repetition. The more times a skater can repeat a skill in a week, the faster they will progress.

Do you have equipment rentals?

No. Skaters must supply their own skates and a CSA approved helmet.

What kind of Skates should my child wear?

Skates should fit snugly and have plenty of ankle support. The exact type does not matter until a skater wants to pursue a specific sport.

What should my skater wear?

Skaters should wear warm clothes that will allow them to move freely and mitts or gloves to keep their hands warm.