Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a transitional program that moves skaters from the CanSkate (or learn to skate) to the STARSkate program.  Rising Stars skaters will work on edges, turns, stops, spins and jumps in a figure skating environment. Skaters will also be introduced to the fundamentals of movement to music and expression.

Program Delivery: 

  • Lessons are taught in a group format.
  • The program is instructed by our certified Skate Canada coaches.
  • Skaters skate a minimum of two one-45 minute sessions per week.
  • Skaters have the option to register for a third day during CANSkate.

Entrance into the Program:

Skaters can enter the program after having passed Stage 3 badge of the CANSkate program or by coach invitation/audition. Skaters who were in Rising Stars (formerly Early Academy) the previous year and do not wish to proceed to STARSkate can continue in the program.

CSA approved helmets are mandatory for all Rising Stars.  Skaters must  provide and wear a CSA approved hockey helmet on the ice. Bicycle helmets are not permitted.

Details for the 2019-2020 season is available in our newsletter:

Rising Star Newsletter 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have equipment rentals? No. Skaters must supply their own skates and a CSA approved helmet.

No. Skaters must supply their own skates and a CSA approved helmet.

How many days should we skate? For optimum development, we recommend two times per week. Skating is a sport where skills are learned by continuous repetition. The more times a skater can repeat a skill in a week, the faster they will progress.

What about fundraising? Parents/Guardians of Rising Star skaters are required to work 4 bingos throughout the year. Bingos are on Friday evenings between September of the current year to September of the following year.  The majority of bingos are held between May and August.  The number of bingos will be determined based on our registration numbers.  Bingos are a large source of fundraising revenues for the Club which help pay for coaching and ice fees.