Rising Star (CanSkate Levels 4 – 6)

Rising Star is a transitional program that moves skaters from the CanSkate ( learn to skate) to the StarSkate program (figure skating program).  Rising Star skaters work on CanSkate level 4 to 6 elements as well as work on edges, turns, stops, spins and jumps in a figure skating environment. Skaters will also be introduced to the fundamentals of movement to music and expression.

Program Delivery: 

  • Lessons are taught in a group format.
  • The program is instructed by our trained Skate Canada professional coaches.
  • Skaters skate a minimum of two 45-minute sessions per week.  Check with the club for a one-day per week option.

Entrance into the Program:

Skaters can enter the program after having passed Stage 3 badge of the CanSkate program or by coach invitation/audition. 

CSA approved helmets are mandatory for all Rising Star sakters.  Skaters must  provide and wear a CSA approved hockey helmet on the ice. Bicycle, skiing or snowboard helmets are not permitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have equipment rentals?

No. Skaters must supply their own skates and a CSA approved hockey helmet.

What kind of skates should my child wear?

Skaters should have figure skates for the Rising Star program.  They should fit snugly and have plenty of ankle support. Figure skates have a pick at the front of the blade and is required for many skills that are taught in Rising Star. In the past Sports experts, Canadian Tire and Changing Gear have had available a range of beginner figure skates. You can also go to our Facebook page and join the Arctic Edge Skate Club buy and Sell group to look for used skates.

What should my skater wear?

Skaters should wear form fitting athletic clothes that will allow them to move freely and yet stay warm.  Loose pants, jeans and hooded jackets are not permitted.  Gloves or snug mittens should be worn to keep hands warm. 

What is the StarSkate program?

The StarSkate Junior program is the next step after Rising Star. Skaters continue to work on more advanced figure skating techniques related to skills, jumps, spins and dance at the Star 1 level of Skate Canada’s Star 1 to 5 StarSkate program.  Skaters at the Junior level will have a 45-minute group lesson followed by 15 minutes of supervised practice time to work on the skills they learned during their 45 minute lesson.  Typically Rising Star skaters will enter the Junior StarSkate program one to two years after starting the Rising Star Program.

Beyond the Junior level program, skaters can continue onto the Intermediate and Senior levels after having passed Star 1 skating components.  Intermediate and senior skaters book private lessons with coaches directly to supplement their group instruction.

What are the fundraising requirements?

The club relies on fundraising to support city ice rental costs and keep skater fees at reasonable rates to parents.  Rising Star parents/guardians will be asked to participate in several fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  Examples of fundraisers we have completed in the past include Purdy’s Chocolate sales, Bean North Coffee sales, raffles and hosting bingos at Elks Lodge.