Preparing for an Assessment

Welcome To The World of Figure Skating Assessments!

Whether a skater decides to be competitive or remain recreational, they will all at some point take an Assessment. There are assessments offered in each discipline of skating (Freeskate, Skills, Dance and Artistic). How do you know when you are ready to take an assessment?  Your coach will let you know.

As skaters move through STAR 1 to Gold levels, their elements will evolve with experience. To reflect this variance, standards for the various levels have been developed for coaches, coach assessors and evaluators to use as a guide to establish progress in a skaters’ development.  All assessments are evaluated using Skate Canada’s assessment standards for each level. Skaters are not compared against each other.

The following table describes the correlation between the assessment standards assigned at the Bronze, Silver and Gold ratings for each assessment criteria throughout STAR 1 – Gold.

BRONZE = below standard SILVER = standard GOLD = above standard
Performance is below the standard for the level Performance meets the standard for the level Performance exceeds the standard for the level

Skaters will receive a report card after their assessment. The passing requirements for each level of assessment are listed at the bottom of the all STAR 1-Gold assessment sheets.   There are three possible outcomes to each assessment:

  • Pass with Honours: the skater has exceeded the standard for the level
  • Pass: the skater has met the standard for the level
  • Retry: the skater was not successful and must retry the assessment

There is no limit as to the number of times that a skater may attempt an assessment.

Star 1 to 5 Asessments

Coaches will determine when a skater is ready to take an assessment. Star 1 to 5 assessments occur during regularly scheduled training sessions.  Coaches will communicate with you and your skater on how many assessments will be completed and when.  The club fee for each assessment is $15 and paid through our registration system by going to purchase products in the shopping cart.  Additional coach private lesson rates apply to skaters taking Star 2 and Up assessments as they are done during private lesson times.

The Sport Administrator maintains a record of the assessments and enters the information into Skate Canada’s membership portal which is the official location for all records.

Star 6 to Gold Assessments

Assessments at the Star 6 to Gold level are completed on specific days throughout the skating season.  Typically, these fall in early December during the Gold Nugget Competition and one other time towards the end of the fall/winter skating season.  Similar to the Star 1 to 5 assements, coaches will let you know when your skater is ready for an assessment.  Star 6 to Gold Assessments are completed by a Skate Canada trained judge.  The fee for these assessments is $20 each and paid through our registration system by going to purchase products in the shopping cart.

Assessment Day Checklist (Star 6 to Gold)

  • Skates (laugh, but you’d be surprised what is forgotten)
  • Extra Laces (you never know when a break will happen)
  • Skate Guards
  • The Outfit (laugh again, but we have stories)
  • Leggings/Tights (keep laughing until it is you)
  • Club Jacket or sweater and gloves 
  • Toiletries (hairspray, bobby pins, make up etc.)
  • Camera and/or Video Camera. Note: Flash photography is NOT permitted during assessments

Ensure that you are at the Arena at LEAST one half hour prior to the scheduled start of your assessment. 

At the Assessment Day (Star 6 to Gold)

Check in with your assessment chair and make sure your music has been submitted. This volunteer will likely be wandering teh halls with a clipboard of names. Ensure they know who you are and indicate which assessments you are taking. They can also help give you an idea of whether things are on schedule.

Locate the Starting Order for your Assessment. Find out how the warm up groups have been broken down so you know when you are going to go on the ice.

Locate your Coach. Your coach may be with other skaters. But, be assured they know you are coming and will be there to help you. You can help them out by taking time to start warming up and stretching.

Do a Proper Warmup. Find a warm place to get your muscles moving and stretched out. Your coach will also help to ensure you are warm and ready to go. They will also prompt you when you should get your skates on.

Did you know? All evaluators (judges) are volunteers too. 
When it is your turn to take your assessment, relax and smile, and give your best effort.

After You Have Skated
Depending on the number of skaters taking an assessment and where in the skating order you skate, you may have to wait a while before you know the result of your assessment. Evaluators must verify the results listed are correct and sign them before the assessment sheets are handed out.  Please ensure your coach sees and/or gets a copy of the assessment sheet so they know how you did.

Finally, the Sport Administrator maintains a record of the assessments and enters the information into Skate Canada’s membership portal.