Junior Parent Orientation

There are five disciplines in figure skating:

  1. Freeskate
  2. Skills
  3. Dance
  4. Interpretive
  5. Synchro

As skaters develop they should be given lessons in all disciplines of skating. Tests are given in all disciplines of skating and children progress through the disciplines starting with the Star 1 tests and ending with the gold test. Group lessons provided within the junior program are an introduction to all the disciplines of skating.

Private Lessons In order to begin testing the disciplines a skater must attain private lessons from a coach. The number of private lessons per week will depend on each skater’s goals. The more lessons a skater has the quicker they will progress through the test system. Skaters also need to learn to work independently and you do not want to have so so many lessons that they are unable to work independently. Semi- private lessons (lessons where skaters of like ability share a private lesson) are a good option as long as they are supplement with a private lesson for each skater to work on their individual needs.

Coach/Skater Relationship
Once a skater obtains lessons from a coach, this coach becomes the base coach for the skater. Together with the skater and the parents the coach will make decisions on testing and competitions etc. Skaters can supplement their skating with lessons from other coaches other than their base coach but must make their base coach aware of the supplemental coaching so all coaches can work together for the best interest of the skater.

Junior skaters are eligible to begin competitions. This is something you can discuss with your skater’s coach.  The club hosts Yukon Gold Nugget Championships in December. The club will likely also have skaters traveling to Vancouver Island Super Series Event on Vancouver Island in April.

Bingo is the clubs major source of revenue. Without bingo the cost for your skater to skate would be substantially higher. Please check the bingo schedule to confirm your dates. A copy of the schedule is posted on the website.

Star Skate
Star skate is currently divided into groups of skaters with similar abilities. If you would like advice as to which group to register your child in, check the information on our StarSkate Registration page or feel free to contact any of the coaches with your questions or concerns.

Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer
This is your club and we need everyone to help out so we can make this a successful year.

Happy Skating!