Preparing for a Test

Welcome To The World of Figure Skating Tests!

Whether a skater decides to be competitive or remain recreational, they will all at some point take a test. There are tests offered in each discipline of skating. How do you know when you are ready to take a test?  Your coach will let you know.

How to Submit a Test Application
Coaches/skaters/parents will determine when you are ready to take a test. Coaches are responsible for letting the test chair know that you are going to be taking the test a minimum of two weeks prior to the test day. You will be provided with the amount of the fee and the time for testing a few days prior to the test day(s).

The Club Test Chair will process the applications and fill out a test sheet for your skater. The Club Test Chair maintains a record of all tests attempted and passed by our members and sends the information to Skate Canada. The official records are kept by Skate Canada.

Low Tests, High Tests & Competitive Tests
Tests in the Star Skate Program are classified according to Level for the disciplines of skills, dance, freeskate and interpretive. More information about test levels can be found on the Skate Canada Website Info Centre.

All tests are evaluated according to a set standard outlined by Skate Canada. Each component of a test is evaluated on the scale of Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, and Needs Improvement. Skaters are not compared to each other. Depending on the level of the test being taken, there are certain passing criteria that must be met. That means that there are a certain number of components that must be rated at least satisfactory for the test to pass. Otherwise, the test is designated as a retry.

There is no limit as to the number of times that a skater may attempt a test. Each test in the Skate Canada program must be taken sequentially.

Test Day-The Checklist

  • Skates (laugh, but you’d be surprised what is forgotten)
  • Extra Laces (you never know when a break will happen)
  • Skate Guards
  • Extra Tape or CD of Program (the only tape eaten that day will be yours)
  • The Outfit (laugh again, but we have stories)
  • Leggings/Tights (keep laughing until it is you)
  • Club Jacket or sweater and gloves to wear during warmup
  • Toiletries (hairspray, bobby pins, make up etc.)
  • Camera and/or Video Camera. Note: Flash photography is NOT permitted during tests.
  • Extra Change (because your skater will undoubtedly clean out the concession stand once they have skated)

What is appropriate test day attire? If you are taking a freeskate test and have a competition dress, then wear that, otherwise any other dress that looks neat and tidy is appropriate. For boys, competition wear is appropriate otherwise a pair of regular skating pants and shirt or t-shirt style top will work.
Note: Girls must wear a skirt. Boys must have sleeves.

Ensure that you are at the Arena at LEAST one half hour prior to the scheduled start of your test. Sometimes tests run ahead of the scheduled time and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are there on time.

At the Test Day

Check in with your test chair and make sure your music has been submitted. This volunteer will likely be wandering around the lobby with a clipboard of names. Ensure that they know who you are and indicate which test or tests you are taking. They can also help give you an idea of whether things are on schedule.

Locate the Starting Order for your Test. Find out how the warm up groups have been broken down so that you know when you are going to go on the ice.

Locate your Coach. Your coach may be with other skaters that are testing before you. But, be assured they know you are coming and will be there to help you. You can help them out by taking time to start warming up and stretching.

Do a Proper Warmup. Find a warm place to get your muscles moving and stretched out. Your coach will also help to ensure that you are warm and ready to go. They will also prompt you when you should get your skates on.

Did you know? All evaluators (judges) are volunteers too. 
When it is your turn to take your test, relax and smile, and give your best effort.

After You Have Skated
Depending on the number of skaters taking a test and where in the skating order you skate, you may have to wait a while before you know the result of your test. Evaluators must verify that the results listed are correct and sign them before the test sheets are handed out. All results are indicated as either Pass or Retry. Please ensure that your coach sees and/or gets a copy of the test sheet so they know how you did.